About the School

Juanjo Spanish Language School Arequipa Perú prides itself on providing individual and dedicated attention to each of its students in Juanjo Spanish Language School Arequipa Peru, you will feel as confortable as home. From our years of experience we have learned that the combination of personal attention by the teachers and total immersion in the Spanish language is the fastest and most effective way to learn Spanish. Even if you are a complete beginner, we offer one week courses and you can achieve a reasonable level of proficiency in as little as two weeks.

If you are already in Arequipa, why not come and vist  Juanjo Spanish Language School Arequipa Perú directly?



Courses No. of Students Hours / Day Price
Regular Individual 4 hours S/. 400 / week
Intensive Individual 6 hours 5/. 590 / week
Group* Two or more 4 hours S/. 350 / week (per person)
Backpackers Individual 4 hours S/.125/ day

The prices includes: material  and one Peruvian cooking lesson per week.
*Note: The group rate is only available for students who arrive as a group.