Accommodation is a separate fee from course fees. Arrangements are made by Juanjo Spanish Language School Arequipa Perú, but payments are made directly to the host family. We offer our students two options: home-stay with a local host family or staying in a hotel.

Host Family

Living with a Peruvian family is a great opportunity to build your skills in both listening and speaking Spanish while making new friends and becoming totally immersed in the Peruvian culture. By talking with and listening to the family during meals and throughout the day, students’ conversational skills will advance much more rapidly than if they stayed in a hotel.

Host families provide up to three meals a day. Generally, meal times are flexible, and a student can make other arrangements for meals if so desired. Special diets such as vegetarian may be accommodated if notified in advance. Each student will have his own room. Laundry services are readily available throughout Arequipa but are not included in the homestay fee.

Families that participate as host families are carefully selected and monitored by the Juanjo Spanish Language School Arequipa Perú to make sure that our students will truly have an unforgettable experience in Arequipa. Our host families are middle-class Peruvian families living in comfortable homes.

Staying with a host family does not necessarily mean sacrificing your privacy since you will have your own room and will be given your own set of keys for the house. Homes of host families are typically located within walking distance from school, and they are all in easily accessible and safe places.

We highly recommend our students to choose to stay with a host family since it greatly accelerates the learning process and provides for a great opportunity to learn more about Peruvian culture.

Hotel Option

For students who prefer more privacy or are simply not interested in living with a host family, the Juanjo Spanish Language SchoolArequipa Peru keeps a list of hotels and hostels around Arequipa. Accommodations generally include a single room with a private bathroom and hot water. Meals are not included in hotel accommodations.