Tours and Activities

The Juanjo Spanish Language Schools offers a variety of activities to do after class and on weekends. The various activities are a great opportunity for students to both socialize with fellow students and to learn more about Peruvian culture.

Trekking in the Colca Canyon

The nine villages lining the edges of the canyon provide trekkers with a host of connect-the-dots routes, allowing for a great deal of improvisation in one’s itinerary. There are numerous points of descent into the canyon, although their accessibility often depends on the amount of rainfall. When traveling in the canyon, it is essential that trekkers bring plenty of water as dehydration can occur rapidly here.

White Water Rafting in Majes Valley

Majes valley is a small region in the province of Castilla, some 160 km from the city of Arequipa. In recent years, the river in Majes has become a popular venue for the practice of rafting or “canotaje”. The bold adventurer will find adventurers using a variety of boats such as canoes, rafts and kayaks to go down the river.

Peruvian Dance Classes

Traditional Peruvian/Latin American dance is an integral part of Peruvian and Latin American culture. Classes are offered in the modern dances of salsa and cumbia. Classes in more traditional dances such as huayno, huayllas and la diabla are also sometimes offered.