Travel in Peru

Generally, it is pretty safe and relatively easy to travel around, even alone, in Peru (although for women traveling alone is not recommended). Buses, planes and taxis are the most common form of transportation and are widely available. There are many types of travelers and tourists around and it is easy to meet other people with whom to travel. Pickpockets and bag snatchers constitute the most common form of crime that tourists encounter.

The following are a few tips to follow to ensure a safe and pleasant trip:

1. Make photocopies of your passport and both sides of the credit cards you plan on bringing. Keep copies in a separate bag from where you carry the actual traveler’s checks.

2. Keep your passport, airline ticket and credit cards in a money belt. It is best to wear the money belt under your shirt or trousers.

3. Do not leave valuables such as cameras or jewelry in your hotel room.

4. Go to the ATM in the morning or afternoon and preferably with another person.

5. Ask hotel/hostel workers where it is safe to walk around (especially at night) and, most importantly, which places to avoid.

6. If you are bringing expensive equipment, it is a good idea to purchase travel insurance.

7. Stay alert, especially in crowded plazas and markets. Wear your money belt and hold on to your camera. If you have a daypack, wear it in front.

8. Do not bring expensive jewelry or watches. Snatch theft is common, and your watch could disappear before you even realize it.